Friend screen is easy for everyone to enjoy and we wanted to createA culture of golf that is like a friend.

Trendy, diverse content
It's a fun friends screen together.

Junior mode for beginners to precise club-specific measurements. This is the Friends Screen R driving range for golfers today.

Mismatched feeling

Throughout the 18 holes, a sense of color is spread across the screen. This game can be played easily. through UX with increased user convenience

Friends Cam Outstanding performance of a sophisticated camera

All your shots will be on camera.
Enjoy a more vibrant screen.

Hall's work is more colorful than anyone else.

The moment you get a good score! An exciting sound erupted coldly. All friends characters are smart and happy.

Pin well

Swing back and forth at your normal pace.

It's okay. I live!

Small but complete sound effects

From tee shots to putts, the gallery is integrated with sound. 'Voice Navigation' (TTS) enhances lap play.

Accurate measurementEvery match!

Experience accurate ball tracking through a special ball and dual camera sensors.
The numerical distance and throwing distance of the ball will help me analyze my skills.

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